Covering The Corridor ceasing publication

View of Richmond Highway in Hybla Valley from Groveton
A Highway like no other.

Regular readers of this website may have noticed a slowdown in articles over the past couple months, particularly in the past few weeks. For a variety of reasons — professional, personal and financial — it’s been more and more difficult to keep the site updated.

Because these circumstances will not be changing any time soon, I have made the decision to cease publication of Covering The Corridor, effective immediately.

This was a very difficult decision. Covering The Corridor was founded in 2016 to help fill what I thought was a big gap in local news in the Route 1 corridor of Fairfax County. The site grew steadily each year, and 2020 was on pace to shatter last year’s records in both page views and visitors.

But Covering The Corridor has never come close to being a sustainable website financially, and I don’t see any path that would allow that to happen in the near future.

I’d like to express my gratitude to everyone who has supported this venture. I’m especially grateful to those who have donated financially or purchased advertising on the site. Every penny that the site earned was invested in freelancers, infrastructure and all the other little things that allowed Covering The Corridor to operate.

The most rewarding part of publishing Covering The Corridor has always been the interactions with residents who were passionate about the Richmond Highway community. It’s been harder to make these connections in recent months, and the site’s quality has been poorer because of it.

It is a tough time for local news publications nationwide. I hope that the Richmond Highway area is eventually home to a robust online publication that keeps residents informed, does real reporting and helps build community. The residents of this wonderful area deserve nothing less.

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Phil Creed, Publisher


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