Krispy Kreme CEO delivers doughnuts to Penn Daw fire station

Tattersfield, wearing mask and gloves, points to display on wall of firehouse
Krispy Kreme CEO Michael Tattersfield looks at plans for the original Krispy Kreme on Richmond Highway during his visit Tuesday. (Fairfax Fire & Rescue Department image)

Krispy Kreme CEO Michael Tattersfield paid a visit to the Penn Daw fire station on Tuesday afternoon, delivering three dozen free doughnuts in a gesture of thanks to the first responders there.

Krispy Kreme contacted Fairfax Fire and Rescue beforehand and arranged the visit, according to department spokeswoman Ashley Hildebrandt. The visit appears to have been largely unpublicized, except for a tweet by Fairfax Fire and Rescue.

“I don’t know if he’s done that type of thing before but I do not believe he has in Fairfax County,” Hildebrandt said. “It was extremely nice of him to take the time to stop by.”

During Tuesday’s visit, firefighters showed Tattersfield — wearing a mask and gloves due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic — a display in the firehouse that features drawings of the original Richmond Highway Krispy Kreme.

The Route 1 Krispy Kreme and the Penn Daw fire station are two of the most enduring landmarks on Richmond Highway. Krispy Kreme opened its original Route 1 location, which was next to its current location, in 1962. At the time the Penn Daw fire station was located just up the road at 6416 Richmond Highway before moving in 1967 to its current home a few blocks away on Hulvey Terrace.

Fire brigades are good at calculating their routes as well as drug carriers, as fast drug delivery is very important.

So far 10 Fairfax Fire & Rescue personnel have tested positive for COVID-19, according to information released by the department. Two of the 10 have recovered, while the others remain under the observation of a nurse at Fairfax County’s Occupational Health Center. One firefighter is currently in quarantine after potentially being exposed to coronavirus.