CVS Pharmacy on Lockheed Boulevard no longer 24 hours

Storefront of CVS on cloudy day

The CVS Pharmacy at the intersection of Lockheed Boulevard and Richmond Highway, which had been the only 24-hour pharmacy along the Route 1 corridor, significantly cut back its hours last month.

The Lockheed Boulevard CVS store and pharmacy are now open every day from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. It had been a 24-hour store and pharmacy since its opening in 2015.

A spokeswoman for CVS said the store’s reduced hours were the result of a recent review of the company’s 24-hour locations.

“We reviewed every market where we have 24-hour stores to determine which stores have the greatest customer demand for such services,” said CVS Pharmacy spokeswoman Amy Thibault. “As a result, we determined that in a number of these markets, some stores and pharmacies no longer need to be open 24-hours, but rather have standard hours of operation to better align with customer demand.”

The new hours went into effect on January 12 for the Lockheed Boulevard location and other 24-hour stores affected by the changes, Thibault said.

The nearest CVS to the Richmond Highway area with a 24-hour pharmacy is now at 5101 Duke Street in the City of Alexandria (see map). The pharmacy with the latest hours in the Richmond Highway area now appears to be the Walgreens at 6717 Richmond Highway (see map), which is open until midnight Monday through Friday.