Power outage trapped commuters in Huntington Metro garage

Car seen from vehicle behind it
Cars backed up at the Huntington Metro garage on Wednesday evening. (Twitter image)

A power outage at the Huntington Metro station on Wednesday evening shutoff escalators, elevators and parking gates, which caused long backups for some commuters trying to exit the station’s garages.

The outage happened around 7 p.m. and was caused by a power surge, according to a WMATA spokesman. The outage did not affect trains, but commuters reported on social media that all the escalators were out.

The biggest problem the outage caused was in the parking garages. Witnesses said that it took some vehicles more than 30 minutes to exit the north garage (Huntington Avenue side) after the gates to the garage became stuck.

The WMATA spokesman was unsure how long it took to get the gates opened. Power to the station was restored around 8:30 p.m.

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