New restaurant may be coming to rundown Jerry’s site

Jerry's from the front, with overgrown grass and trash visible

The former home to Jerry’s Subs and Pizza in Penn Daw has become an eyesore since the restaurant closed in early 2018. But a new restaurant appears to moving forward with a plan to renovate the space.

Uncle C’s Chicken and Waffles has been approved for various permits related to opening a new restaurant at the site, which is located at 6308 Richmond Highway (see map). Uncle C’s does not appear to have a website or social media presence yet.

While no recent construction is evident at the site, some work was done on the interior of the building after Jerry’s closed in March 2018. However the work didn’t last long and county records indicate the Fairfax County Department of Code Compliance began looking into unpermitted construction at the site in June 2018. The case remains under investigation, according to the code compliance website.

Uncle C’s applied for its permits in early September 2018, but their applications were failed repeatedly until finally getting approved late last month. In the meantime, six code complaints have been filed against the property owner since mid 2018 as the condition of the lot deteriorated. While three appear to have been closed without the county taking action, the county did cite the property owner for letting the grass and weeds grow too high on October 1.

Tire next to entrance of Jerry's with weeds showing

The notice of violation from the Fairfax County Department of Code Compliance issued on October 1 indicated the owner had 14 days to cut the grass, or the county would cut it for them at the owner’s expense. The notice said the minimum charge is usually around $175.

As of Sunday (October 13), the grass had not been cut.

But landscaping isn’t the only issue facing the old Jerry’s lot. It’s littered with a variety of trash, including pieces of the old Jerry’s sign, a tire and what looks to be construction materials.

County property records indicate a company named Penn Daw H J Limited Partnership owns the property, which includes the Applebee’s next door. But it’s unclear who actually is behind Penn Daw H J Limited Partnership — it’s mailing address is listed on the county’s website as being care of the Washington D.C. law firm Blank Rome.


  1. Martin Tillett
  2. Jennifer Kennedy