Letter to Editor: Candidate doesn’t represent values of schools, Mount Vernon District

Side of school bus with "Fairfax County Public Schools" in letters


Steven Mosley is what is known as a “stealth” candidate: he is running ostensibly on issues related to education, but in fact has an extreme social and educational agenda in his back pocket.

His public campaign centers around opposing boundary changes and ending the achievement gap by bringing charter schools to Fairfax County. He quotes an article that purports to show that minority parents favor “school choice.”

But in his interview with Republican Party Vice-chair Matthew Truong, he says:

“The real issue for me was FLE (Family Life Education). My introduction to the Fairfax County School Board was I heard they were changing the FLE.”

He appears to have as his main goal on the school board to bring an extremely conservative, anti-LGBTQ agenda to Fairfax County Public Schools. Indications that this is his purpose include:

  1. The above-mentioned interview, in which he and the interviewer spend more than ten minutes describing transgender students as a threat
  2. His repeated retweeting and posting of articles from the Family Research Council, which is one of the best funded and most avid anti-LGBTQ, anti-ERA advocacy groups in the United States (the Southern Poverty Law Center has designated FRC as one of a few major anti-LGBTQ hate groups in the country)
  3. Attending the Gala for Concerned Women for America (another SPLC-designated hate group).

But, most alarming, he boasts of his signature on the “Nashville Statement.” The Nashville Statement is a collection of anti-LGBTQ broadsides which include this paragraph: “Article 7 WE DENY that adopting a homosexual or transgender self-conception is consistent with God’s holy purposes in creation and redemption.” That is, God does not accept LGBTQ people.

It appears that Steven Mosley will only be a school board member for some students and families. He seeks to rile up animosity towards transgender students, some of the most vulnerable students in our schools; this opposition to the very existence of transgender students and people are, in his own words, the original reason for his running for school board.

Steven Mosley’s narrow world view does not represent the values of Fairfax County Public Schools and the Mount Vernon District. His election would be a great step backwards for our county.

Robert Rigby
President, FCPS Pride


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