Yellow Line not running to D.C. this weekend

Huntington pylon sign with letters in wrong font

The summer shutdown is over but riders can expect a detour this weekend if they’re trying to reach Washington D.C. from the Huntington Metro station.

Due to the annual Yellow Line Bridge inspection, trains will only be running between Huntington and Reagan National Airport on Saturday and Sunday, according to WMATA. Riders who need to get into D.C. should transfer to the Blue Line.

Service into the city is expected to resume Monday.

The Huntington Metro station, along with five other stations south of the airport, reopened on September 9 after a more than three-month shutdown. During the closure the station had its platform rebuilt, and a number of other improvements were made.

However the station is still single-tracking and work is still being done at the station. Metro has not announced the specific date that the tracks on the south side of the station will reopen.

One side of Huntington’s platform had remained closed after the station reopened, requiring trains to use only one track pulling in and out of the station. However WMATA announced late Friday afternoon that the work being done on that side of the platform had finished, and the track would be reopening.

“Good news for our Huntington Station customers: work on the second half of the platform was completed ahead of schedule and both sides of the platform will be open starting tomorrow (9/28). Trains will arrive and depart from both tracks,” WMATA said in a tweet.

This article was updated Friday afternoon to include new information from WMATA on the