Police blotter roundup: June 10-14

Here’s a roundup of the daily police blotter reports for the Mount Vernon police district from this past week.

Items from Friday’s blotter:

Larceny: 8700 block of Richmond Highway, cash from business
Larceny: 2400 block of Windbreak Drive, license plate from vehicle

Items from Thursday’s blotter:

Larceny: 6200 block of Richmond Highway, pizza from business

Items from Wednesday’s blotter:

Larceny: 3100 block of Lockheed Boulevard, beer from business
Larceny: 3100 block of Lockheed Boulevard, cash from business
Larceny: 6300 block of Richmond Highway, property from business

Items from Tuesday’s blotter:

Larceny: 2800 block of Fairhaven Avenue, property from residence
Larceny: 8200 block of Orville Street, shoes from residence
Larceny: 4500 block of Squiredale Square, tires from vehicle

Stolen Vehicle: 5800 block of Cameron Run Terrace, 2007 Yamaha motorcycle
Stolen Vehicle: 8500 block of Carlos Court, 2016 Honda motorcycle

Items from Monday’s blotter:

Larceny: 2700 block of Arlington Drive, wheel from vehicle
Larceny: 4400 block of Brevard Court, cash and glasses from vehicle
Larceny: 1900 block of Elkin Street, beer from business
Larceny: 7300 block of Fairchild Drive, bicycle from residence
Larceny: 2300 block of Huntington Avenue, beer from business
Larceny: 2500 block of Parkers Lane, property from residence
Larceny: 8300 block of Pondside Terrace, tools from vehicle
Larceny: 6700 block of Richmond Highway, cell phone from location
Larceny: 7700 block of Richmond Highway, tools from business
Larceny: 7800 block of Richmond Highway, beer from business
Larceny: 7200 block of Saul Road, cash from residence
Larceny: 8600 block of Richmond Highway, beer from business
Larceny: 8700 block of Village Square, wallet from vehicle
Larceny: 6300 block of Virginia Hills Avenue, wallet from residence