WMATA releases site plan for Huntington Metro’s south entrance

Basic drawing of new entrance plan
Click to enlarge (WMATA image)

WMATA has released a site plan showing the locations of the new entrances planned for the south side of the Huntington Metro station.

The drawing, which is the first detailed look at what Metro has planned for the reconfiguration of the station, was included in a larger budget document published by WMATA. The image shows the locations of a new bridge from the middle parking garage to a new mezzanine in the station, as well as a new bridge from the plaza on the North Kings Highway side of the station.

Riders at Huntington who park in the middle garage have to enter the station after walking through the now-closed south garage. That garage is unsafe for cars to park in, and is slated to be torn down in 2021.

Site map of current station showing how people enter
Configuration of current entrances on the south side. Click to enlarge. (WMATA image)

Bus commuters, pedestrians and kiss-and-ride users on the North Kings Highway side enter using an escalator and staircase next to the closed south garage. It’s unclear from the drawing how that current entrance will figure into the new plans; a $2.5 million canopy for that entrance is currently under construction and nearing completion.

WMATA also provided information on the sequence of events and timeline for building the new entrance:


  • Build new station entrance from middle garage
  • Open the new entrance
  • Close the existing south entrance
  • Demolish the south garage and entrance
  • Rebuild south entrance, parking garage, bus loop


  • New entrance at the middle garage opens in 2021
  • Demolition of the south garage and south entrance, approximately 12 months (no specific date included)
  • Rebuilt infrastructure (no specific date included)

Work on the new Huntington entrance has already begun, WMATA announced earlier this month. A June 13 update on the platform reconstruction project, which is expected to last until at least September 8, said workers have started removing parts of the platform edges in preparation for new foundations to be built.

The new Huntington entrance and cost increases on other projects caused Metro to exceed its capital budget, and the transit agency will be seeking approval for funding at a board hearing on Thursday. More details about the budget issues can read in this WTOP report.

Station redevelopment

The new south entrances are being built ahead of a planned redevelopment of land on the north and south sides of the station. In May, WMATA issued a request for proposals (RFP) to developers, and the agency is now looking over the proposals, according to a timeline for the project.

Map of where developments will be built
Click to enlarge (WMATA image)

WMATA’s RFP said that two or more mixed-use developments are envisioned for land on the north and south sides of the station, including where the closed south garage stands. A joint development agreement with the developer is expected to be signed in September. However no construction on the projects would happen until 2022 at the earliest, according to Metro’s timeline.

In the meantime, the county would need to update its comprehensive plan for the site and hold public hearings on the plan. WMATA estimates that process wouldn’t take place until early 2021.