Longtime volunteer and activist Ledec honored as Citizen of the Year

Headshot of Ledec
Cathy Ledec is the Fairfax Federation’s 2018 Citizen of the Year.

If you’ve attended community meetings in the Richmond Highway area, or watched Board of Supervisors or Planning Commission hearings, chances are good you’ve heard from Cathy Ledec.

The Huntington resident has long served as a volunteer and advocate for groups and issues related to nature and environmental issues, and the Fairfax Federation has selected Ledec as its Citizen of the Year for 2018 for her continued dedication to the county.

“She volunteers with several Fairfax County Park Authority Programs and you might find her ‘deep in the weeds’ pulling English ivy from our trees and working to restore our forests and woodlands,” the federation said in its citation, which also noted Ledec’s ability to motivate others to get involved. “Cathy conducts massive public outreach at community events, enthusiastically inspiring others to come experience the natural world here in Fairfax County.”

Ledec received her award Sunday night at a ceremony held at the federation’s awards ceremony held at the Tysons Corner Doubletree Hotel. Both Mount Vernon District Supervisor Dan Storck and Lee District Supervisor Jeff McKay spoke about Ledec at the ceremony.

“Cathy Ledec is a community champion,” McKay said in a letter of support for her nomination. “She’s worked tirelessly in support of our environment and fought to protect our natural resources and wildlife.”

Ledec has worn many hats in Fairfax County through the years, most notably as the president of the Friends of Huntley Meadows Park. She also serves as the chair of the Fairfax County Tree Commission, and is active in the Pavilions at Huntington Metro Community Association.

The Fairfax Federation called Ledec “a force for nature” in naming her Citizen of the Year, listing off her various efforts stay involved on issues related to environmental restoration, preservation and beautification.

“The hallmark of her accomplishments has been not just volunteering, but taking on steadily increasing roles in organizing and motivating others,” the federation’s citation reads. “What is typical of Cathy is that she volunteers with a group, then gets more involved, and soon she is organizing, coordinating, leading, and empowering others to get involved.”