Fairfax Connector to offer free rides to feds working during shutdown

A Fairfax Connector bus driving north on a sunny day in Hybla Valley.
A Fairfax Connector bus travels up Richmond Highway earlier this month.

Starting on Thursday federal employees who are working without pay during the government shutdown are eligible to ride Fairfax Connector buses for free.

Riders must show a valid federal ID when getting on board. All of the Connector’s routes are free (see map), including express routes to and from the Pentagon and downtown Washington D.C.

A representative for Fairfax Connector said on Twitter that they were waiting until Thursday in order to finalize logistics and training.

“[T]he Thursday date allows time for notifying the public and training operators on the new procedure, along with other logistics on our end,” the representative said.

The federal government is, as of Wednesday, in the 26th day of a partial shutdown. Fairfax County has established a website to aid residents affected by the shutdown, and it includes information on childcare, transportation and how residents can donate to local nonprofits serving families in need.