Sea Boil Crab House opening next week

Exterior of restaurant and sign

Sea Boil Crab House, a new seafood restaurant in Hybla Valley, is scheduled to open next Wednesday.

Owner and manager Shiwei Lin said he’s currently finishing up renovations, hiring staff and securing his ABC permit. He expects the restaurant’s hours to initially be from 3 p.m. to 10 p.m., and there will be specials on blue crabs and other items as part of the opening, Lin said.

Sea Boil’s menu features a variety of seafood, priced by the pound and paired with various sauces. Waiters bring you your order in a “special boil bag,” and you’re free to make a mess as you eat.

“[W]e will give you a bib and gloves to protect your clothes and hands and let you have at,” Sea Boil’s website says. “Break your bag open spread it out right on the table and eat as you please. Feel free to make a mess and get as messy as you want, we recommend that you do.”

Fried seafood baskets are also available, and sides include corn, potatoes, white rice, cajun fries and garlic bread. Atmosphere-wise, Sea Boil says it aims to provide a relaxing and casual experience.

“We want you to feel like you are on vacation every time you dine with us,” the website says. “Once inside our restaurant you will be cast away to your favorite beach destination to enjoy your favorite seafood.”

Located at corner of Richmond Highway and Dart Drive (see map), Sea Boil is looking to have more success than a long list of short-lived restaurants at that location. Since the demise of Shakey’s Pizza years ago, many ventures — Captain White’s Crab House, Calabash, Islas, El Ranchon and most recently 2 Bros. Soul Food — have all come and gone.


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