Garbage truck forced to dump trash on road after load catches fire

Screenshot from video of fire

Garbage burns on Fordson Road near Lockheed Boulevard. (Screenshot)

Trash inside a garbage truck caught fire in Hybla Valley this morning, forcing the truck pull over and dump the flaming mess into the road so firefighters could extinguish it.

The incident happened on Fordson Road near the intersection of Lockheed Boulevard. The driver called for help shortly before 7 a.m. and  dumped the trash in the road before firefighters arrived, according to a Fairfax Fire and Rescue Department spokeswoman.

Units from the Penn Daw firehouse were among those responding, and the fire was brought under control within 15 minutes, the spokeswoman said. Nobody was injured, and a cause was not determined. It’s likely the fire had been smoldering in the truck for a long time before being discovered, the spokeswoman said.

Fordson Road between Piper Lane and Lockheed Boulevard was closed for a time in order for the trash to be cleaned up.