Collingwood lights to be featured on ABC holiday series

Bill and Jan Vaughan’s home at 1601 Collingwood Road has been a popular local tourist destination during the holiday season for more than two decades thanks to its elaborate Christmas light display with synced music. Now, the couple’s home will gain even broader exposure as it makes its nationwide debut on season six of “The Great Christmas Light Fight.”

Set to be aired on ABC on Monday, November 26 at 8 p.m. ET, the show will feature four families from around the country with over-the-top Christmas displays, vying for a trophy and $50,000.

What makes the Vaughans’ display stand out is that it’s all homemade by Bill Vaughan, a trained painter who describes his yearly creation as “an animated display.”

“All of this I made; it’s all been welded up by me, then lights have been put on by me,” said Vaughan in a promotional clip for the show, adding that he’s never bought any display pieces from a store.

According to the Collingwood Lights Facebook page, the Vaughans began assembling this year’s display in September, and it will feature newly crafted cardinals to balance out the bluebirds, which made their debut last year. Besides building the animated birds, Vaughan spent part of this past year repairing damage caused by the loss of a cherished blue spruce during a wind storm in March.

“Santa — he has his workshop, and I have my workshop. Santa makes a lot of toys; I make a lot of cables when I build my light show,”  Vaughan said in the clip.

The Vaughans are aiming for a December 1 light-up night this year.


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