Richmond Highway water tanks getting rehabbed as part of $2.1 million project

Water tower above the trees and Target

Protective scaffolding is seen around the water tower behind Target on Beacon Hill.

The protective scaffolding around the Beacon Hill water tower since the beginning of this summer is part of a renovation project that is expected to be completed by the end of the year, a Fairfax Water spokesman said Friday.

The $2,115,940 project also includes the renovation of the water tank on Fordson Road, just off of Route 1. The scope of the project includes the complete cleaning and repainting of the interior and repainting of the exterior of the 750,000 gallon Beacon Hill tank and the 2,460,000 gallon storage tank on Fordson Road, according to documents about the project on Fairfax Water’s website.

Nostos SS Contractors LLC was awarded the contract for work in May. Aranda said neighbors in the area were notified of the upcoming construction work by mail.

The Beacon Hill water tank project also required the recent construction of a cell phone tower next just north of the water tank, which was needed so the antennas on the water tower can be placed there temporarily during the renovation.

“The cell phone towers you see are temporary antennas which are replacing the permanent antennas which had to be moved from the top of the tower due to the renovation of the tank,” said Fairfax Water’s Jesse Aranda. “The permanent antennas will be restored at the end of the project.”

exterior shot of water tank with scaffolding visible

The Fordson Road water tank. is seen last month.

Other parts of the project include the replacement of ladders and safety railings on both tanks, new deterrents for trespassers trying to access the tanks, new roof vents and manholes, and the replacement of various pipes and fasteners. The Beacon Hill tower will also get new antenna cable brackets and a new antenna mount on the roof.

Earlier this summer the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors asked the county to look into the feasibility of repainting the water tanks as part of the Embark Richmond Highway initiative. The current work being done is unrelated to that request.

The Beacon Hill Water tower was constructed in 1964, while the Fordson Road tank dates back to 1990.