Man charged with assaulting officer in altercation caught on video

A Washington D.C. man is being held without bond after police say he resisted arrest and assaulted an officer during a violent altercation caught on camera and widely shared on social media.

Dadrian Jegede, 23, faces charges of assault on a law enforcement officer and possession with intent to distribute marijuana. Additionally, police said Jegede had an outstanding warrant from Prince William County for failure to appear in court.

The incident began around 3 p.m. Friday when an officer approached Jegede in front of the Aldi in the 8200 block of Richmond Highway, police said. The officer smelled marijuana, “which established reasonable suspicion that a crime was afoot,” the Fairfax County Police Department said in a statement released Saturday evening.

When the officer asked Jegede to stop, he kept walking, police said. At that point the officer tried to detain him, and Jegede pushed him away, according to police.



Some of what happened next was captured in a nearly two-minute security video from Aldi, as well as by a witness’s video posted to social media. The Aldi video, which does not contain audio, shows the officer and the man identified as Jegede come into view already engaged in a struggle and falling to the ground

The officer, whose name was not released, is then seen attempting to put Jegede’s second arm behind him in order to place him in handcuffs. However Jegede keeps his arm tight across his chest and continues to resist.

At one point Jegede manages to get on top of the officer and tries to run away, but is unable to break free before being brought down by the officer again. Eventually a second officer arrives — the police statement said the initial officer on the scene had called for immediate assistance — and the two officers worked together to get Jegede under control.

Multiple bystanders witnessed the struggle, with some filming the action from just feet away. No witnesses are seen attempting to intervene.

At least one witness’s video was shared on social media Friday evening. The clip of the fight (warning: strong language) is from a different angle and includes audio. Some of the witnesses can be heard questioning why the officer was arresting Jegede, and decrying the use of force by the arresting officer and the second officer on the scene. Another bystander can be heard telling Jegede not to fight back, while another is heard voicing concern that the officer will use his weapon on the man being arrested.

Some sentiment on social media also questioned the officers’ use of force, but Fairfax County Police Chief Edwin Roessler unequivocally defended his officers’ actions in the FCPD statement.

“When we encounter someone who resists a lawful arrest and attacks us, we are concerned for the sanctity of all human life,” Roessler said. “As a matter of transparency we provide this video to demonstrate the dangers of our profession. My officers were professional at all times to overcome a violent criminal and I stand behind their actions.”

An internal affairs review of the incident is underway, which is normal protocol, the FCPD statement said.


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