Video: Police helicopter helps find missing boy in Huntington area

The Fairfax County Police helicopter and officers from the Mount Vernon station helped locate a missing boy with autism Tuesday evening in the Huntington area.

The FCPD posted a video of the search and recovery this morning on Twitter, highlighting the effort of the Fairfax1 helicopter, which used its thermal camera to help find the boy on the grounds of the Montebello condominium complex on Richmond Highway (see map). The video shows officers spotting the boy on the Montebello grounds, and then a security guard from the complex meeting him and ultimately carrying him to officers.

“When a child gets separated from a parent, it can be traumatic, particularly for parents of a child with autism who can’t communicate,” the police said in the video. “Thankfully, when our Mount Vernon officers responded to a call to help find a boy lost at a local park, they were able to quickly reunite the boy with his mother.”