Fort Belvoir gate changes lead to traffic headaches

line of cars waiting to turn

Traffic backed up along southbound Richmond Highway waiting to enter Fort Belvoir on Wednesday morning.

Security changes at Fort Belvoir have caused morning traffic backups this week near the post’s entrances, and it’s likely the delays will continue through the rest of the week.

Commuters began noticing the delays on Monday morning — with some taking to social media to vent their frustration — as traffic was unusually bad along Richmond Highway, Kingman Road and other entrances to the post. On Wednesday, Fort Belvoir announced on Facebook that Walker Gate — located along Mount Vernon Memorial Highway — was closed due to “random security posture changes and the ongoing security enhancements.”

A spokesman for Fort Belvoir said the delays were due to improvements related to base security.

“Some minor enhancements and upgrades to our gate operations are still ongoing, which we expect will continue to cause possible on and off delays for the rest of the week; potentially at all our gates,” said Fort Belvoir spokesman Jimmie E. Cummings, Jr. “We apologize for the inconveniences and delays, but these enhancements are our continued improvements to the safety and security of all of those who work, live and play on Fort Belvoir.”

The base is coordinating with Fairfax County Public Schools to ensure school buses are able to access the installation so children will be picked up as normal, according to Wednesday’s Facebook message.

Erika Christ contributed to this story.