Kickboxing fitness gym coming to Belle View Shopping Center

Belle View Shopping Center store front.

9Round Fitness will be located at 1614 Belle View Boulevard. 

A national franchise fitness gym specializing in 30-minute kickboxing workouts is opening a new location in the Belle View Shopping Center later this spring. 

9Round Fitness is under construction at 1614 Belle View Boulevard, in a space between Safeway and Clawes Carpets. 9Round has more than 600 locations nationwide, and offers 30-minute classes that promise a full-body workout based on basic kickboxing techniques. The classes are not at scheduled times, and members can show up at any time and begin a circuit, which consists of nine three-minute rounds. 

There is no sparring at 9Round gyms, just a bag work. Gloves and wraps are required for protection and support, and trainers will teach newcomers how to properly wrap their hands.

The Belle View location is hoping to open in early May, according to Ismael Venegas, one of the partners for the gym. Venegas said that in addition to the two owners, there will be 4-5 trainers working at 9Round. The location is hiring, and contact information can be found on the gym’s website.

The Belle View location will be the first in the Richmond Highway area. 9Round already has locations in Springfield, Falls Church and Fairfax City, as well as three in Arlington. Locations in Lorton and Burke will also soon be opening.