Police, FCPS investigating allegations involving West Potomac baseball players

West Potomac sign in front of school

Members of the West Potomac baseball teams are being investigated by the school and the Fairfax Police for alleged “harassment and other inappropriate behavior,” according to a letter sent to parents on Saturday.

The letter, sent by West Potomac principal Tangy Millard, says the incident or incidents in question happened on school grounds. Parents have been notified, and students are being interviewed as part of the investigation, Millard said. 

A police spokesman said Monday that the case was received by the FCPD at the end of last week, and that no charges had been filed yet. 

It is not clear how many players are being investigated, or when the alleged harassment occurred. Millard and FCPS spokesman John Torre each declined to comment further. 

The full text of the letter from Millard to parents can be seen below:

My office and our SRO are currently conducting a thorough investigation into allegations of harassment and other inappropriate behavior that occurred on school property involving members of our boys baseball teams.  We have been notifying parents and interviewing students to determine the validity of the allegations, which are serious in nature.  There will be consequences associated with these actions, as our investigation leads us in that direction. 

I regret I cannot share more details but we are working closely with the Fairfax County Police Department to take appropriate action. I wanted you to know that we are aware of the allegations and following up in an appropriate and timely manner. Thank you for your support and understanding.

Mrs. Millard, Principal