Sprinklers create icy mess next to Route 1 Starbucks

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Sprinklers next to the Starbucks in Hybla Valley have been running for days, coating the grass and nearby service road with ice.

It’s not clear why the sprinklers are running or who they are controlled by; a witness told Covering The Corridor that the sprinklers have been running since at least Friday.

Images and video from Sunday morning show the grass strip separating the service road from Richmond Highway completely covered with ice — and the sprinklers still misting.

A manager on duty at the Starbucks said they’ve alerted the company of the problem, but said they have no idea why the sprinkler started running.

Police have put out cones to keep people from driving through the icy section of the service road, and an officer at the Mount Vernon district station said efforts were being made to contact the property owner to turn the water off. 

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