Board approves new daycare facility in Pear Tree Village

Pear Tree Village building

An area daycare has received approval to open a 99-child center in this building at Pear Tree Village.

The Fairfax County Planning Board of Supervisors has approved a daycare center’s request to open a new facility in the Pear Tree Village shopping center.

The board voted unanimously Tuesday to approve a special exception for My Little Angels daycare to open a new center in two of the shopping center’s vacant retail spaces. The daycare center will have 3,649 square feet of space, as well as a 2,300 square foot outdoor recreation area. The maximum daily enrollment for My Little Angels will be 99 children.

Overhead view

(Fairfax County Department of Planning and Zoning image)

My Little Angels, owned by Haydemar Cova Leon and Karla Cova Leon, is currently a home-based daycare in the Mount Zephyr area.

The county planning commission voted in favor of the application on Jan. 18 after delaying their original vote due to a dispute about the proposed location of the daycare’s recreation area. Planning and zoning staff had first recommended a grassy area next to the McDonald’s on Cooper Road and closer to Richmond Highway as the best spot for the playground. Commissioners voiced concern about that spot’s proximity to both the highway and the busy restaurant.

Planning commissioners asked for the plan to be reworked so that the recreation area be located near the back of the shopping center, in an area currently used for parking. Both the county staff and the owners of the daycare agreed with the commissioners’ request, and the original plan was amended.