Traveler’s Motel to stay in business after sale

Travelers Motel

The Travelers Motel on Richmond Highway

There’s lots of change afoot in the Huntington area, but at least one familiar site will remain for the time being.

The Budget Host Travelers Motel at 5916 Richmond Highway will continue to operate after its recent sale, and there’s no plans in the immediate future to redevelop the site, according to the company that now owns the property.

We’re making some minor capital improvements, that’s our only plan at the moment,” said Teddy Kim, principal of Avanti Holdings Group, who noted that the motel had been well-maintained over the years by its previous owners. “It’s got a great staff and has great reviews.”

Kim said Avanti is in the process of retaining a hotel management company to take over the day-to-day operations of the Travelers.

The Travelers has been in business since 1953, and is one of the few surviving old-time motels that once dotted Richmond Highway. The motel was owned by the Blunt family since its construction until its $2.2 million sale to Avanti in September. 

In the long-term, the Travelers and the properties surrounding it are likely to be redeveloped as the county moves forward with the Embark Richmond Highway initiative. Embark envisions a new Community Business Center in the North Gateway area, which would reshape the northern most part of Richmond Highway, according to a draft amendment to the county’s comprehensive plan.

“The North Gateway Community Business Center serves as an entry point to historic Richmond Highway from points north … providing an initial impression of Fairfax County, not only to visitors but to those who live in other parts of the county,” the draft amendment reads. “Improving the identity and appearance of the area using urban design principles and revitalization strategies are especially important. An attractive and efficient mix of land uses improves the image, economic viability and circulation along the Richmond Highway Corridor.” 

Taxi Magic update

Avanti also recently purchased the “Taxi Magic” building at 5904 Richmond Highway for $8.3 million. No big changes are immediately in store for that property either, said Kim.

Taxi Magic, which was sold and now operates under the name Curb, has a much smaller presence in the building. Kim said the space left behind by the group is already set up for high-tech businesses and will be attractive to perspective renters. 

Eventually the Taxi Magic sign will come down from the building, offering a signage opportunity for new tenants in the building.

“We think it will be a great asset,” Kim said. “The [previous] owner kept it up really nicely … it’s a pretty well-maintained office space.”