Construction underway on escalator canopy at Huntington Metro

Huntington Metro outdoor escalator

Construction barriers are seen at the North Kings Highway entrance to the Huntington Metro.

Work has begun on a canopy for the outdoor escalator at the North Kings Highway entrance to the Huntington Metro station.

Construction on the canopy, which will cover the staircase next to the escalator as well, is expected to last until spring 2018, according to Metro spokesman Richard Jordan. Most of the construction is expected to take place at night in order to minimize impact on customers using the entrance, Jordan said.

Canopy drawing

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The $2.5 million canopy became a point of contention between WMATA and Fairfax County last winter when the county did not allow the newly replaced outdoor escalator to pass inspection because the canopy had not been built yet. The escalator — which had been out of commission for more than eight months during its nearly $1 million restoration — remained blocked off from the public for weeks as county and Metro negotiated a solution.

Eventually the two sidescame to a compromise that allowed the escalator to operate, except in snowy and icy conditions.