McGee Garden Center moves to new Richmond Highway location

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McGee Garden Center has moved to 7925 Richmond Highway, at the corner of Sherwood Hall Lane.

McGee Garden Center, which was in business for seven years on Richmond Highway in the Hybla Valley area, has moved to a new location just down the road. 

McGee, which sells gardening and landscaping supplies and is known for its seasonal displays at Halloween and Christmas, is now at 7925 Richmond Highway, at the corner of Richmond Highway and Sherwood Hall Lane. That spot had been occupied by a turf company until earlier this year. 

The new location is not fully opened yet, but owner Gloria McGee hopes by mid- to late-September to have business back to running full strength. 

“We have to do a lot of remodeling,” said McGee, adding that the new building needs a major upgrade to its telecommunication infrastructure as well as a perimeter fence. Once the improvements are done, McGee said the new spot “will pretty much be almost the same [as the old location].”

For now the business will continue doing deliveries and customer appointments, McGee said.

New business coming

Neal Kramer, who owns the old McGee Garden location at 7835 Richmond Highway as well as the building next to it, says he’s looking for a new tenant and also working on submitting a site plan to the county.

7835 Richmond Highway

7835 Richmond Highway

The site plan is needed because the county determined a few years ago that part of the land McGee Garden Center stood on was actually zoned for residential use. This meant that the McGee buildings needed to be taken down because they were not within zoning regulations.

The zoning confusion over the zoning situation is what prompted McGee to look for a new location, according to Gloria McGee. 

The lot is now cleared, and Kramer is confident that it’ll attract a new tenant in the near future. 

“It’s a beautiful piece of property,” said Kramer. 

Kramer owned a hardware store on the south end of the property from 1979 until November of last year. Kramer Equipment had actually been in business since Kramer’s father founded it 1947, and its first location was on Huntington Avenue.

That Kramer Equipment building remains on the south end of the 7835 property, and is now home to two new businesses: Ductz Air Duct and Dryer Vent Cleaning and Property Solutions Disaster Restoration.

As for the residential plot, Kramer said he has interim plan: A place for the public to come and plant flowers and trees.

I would love for volunteers to come by and plant trees and shrubs on the residential side,” Kramer said, noting that as long as what they’re planting is legal, he wouldn’t mind anyone coming on the property to help beautify it. “I’d love people to go plant anything they want.”

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