Richmond Highway IHOP reopening Saturday after renovation


Renovation work at the Richmond Highway IHOP on Thursday evening.

For any pancake fans who may have had a moment of panic when they saw the sign come down in front of the Richmond Highway IHOP earlier this week, no need to be worried. 

The IHOP, located in the Mount Vernon Plaza shopping center in Hybla Valley, is still very much in business. The restaurant underwent a week-long renovation, including a sign replacement, and is scheduled to reopen Saturday morning, according to a company spokesman. 

“The restaurant and restrooms are being remodeled with the latest IHOP “Rise ‘N Shine” design specs and will include contemporary touches such as wood-like porcelain floors, our iconic banquette seating, new copper lighting fixtures, new décor and more,” said Adam Korn, senior manager of brand communications for IHOP.

The restaurant closed June 5 to begin renovations. Thursday morning the sign came down, causing a little confusion among people passing by. 

But by last night a new sign was being put up, and at 7 a.m. Saturday morning the doors are expected to open for business.