Customer trapped on Huntington Metro elevator for 45 minutes last week

Huntington Metro elevator

A view of the Huntington Metro’s inclinator elevator, looking down from entrance level to the platform (Wikipedia)

A commuter using one of the Huntington Metro station’s elevators got trapped for approximately 45 minutes last Wednesday after the elevator broke down.

Metro staff eventually were able to open the doors and free the rider, according to a WMATA spokesman. The rider declined medical attention at the scene, the spokesman said. 

The incident happened on the “inclinator” elevator that operates between the North Kings Highway mezzanine and platform. The inclined elevator is the only one of its kind in the Metro system.

The elevator was put back into service Thursday morning after being down for 16 hours, according to The elevator was also out of service for more than 14 hours the day before the entrapment incident.