Police blotter: Man triggers bomb scare at hotel

Spring Hill Suites

A man was arrested after a bizarre incident at the SpringHill Suites near Huntington yesterday afternoon. 

A Louisiana man was arrested yesterday after police say he triggered a bomb scare at a local hotel.

Jeremiah Vernon Hazelton, 31, of Turkey Creek, Louisiana faces charges of utilizing a hoax device, threats to burn, and wearing a mask in public after the incident at the SpringHill Suites in the 6000 block of Richmond Highway.

Police were called to hotel around 5 p.m. after Hazelton allegedly put a mask, pulled knife and told employees that the hotel needed to be evacuated, according to today’s police blotter.

Police say that Hazelton had been using a computer in the hotel’s business center and walking around the business prior to the incident. At some point he allegedly retrieved two packages from elsewhere in the hotel, put on the mask, took the knife out of a duffel bag and told employees to call the police.

Police arrived, partially evacuated the business and arrested Hazelton. An Explosive Ordnance Unit was called and Hazelton’s packages and duffel bag were examined.

An X-Ray of the packages and bag determined no explosives were inside.

Other incidents reported Monday and Tuesday in the Mount Vernon police district:

Larceny: 5600 block of Fenwick Drive, package from residence (Tuesday)
Larceny: 8500 block of Sky View Drive, wallet from business  (Tuesday)
Larceny: 6100 Richmond Highway, tag from vehicle (Monday)