Sherwood Regional Library to host mobile DMV once a month

Mobile DMV

The DMV 2 Go bus will be coming to the Sherwood Regional Library every other month, and the DMV Connect program will be inside the library the other months.

Richmond Highway-area residents will now be able to get full DMV services once a month at the Sherwood Regional Library through the DMV 2 Go and DMV Connect programs. 

The deal was announced today by Del. Paul Krizek (D-44), who helped broker an agreement between the DMV and the library. Krizek, who got a tour of the mobile DMV back in 2015 and has been pushing for one in the Mount Vernon area since then, said in a press release that the new location would give area residents a much more convenient option than traveling to the Lorton or Eisenhower Avenue DMVs.

“I am proud to have brokered this deal enhancing the quality of life for Mount Vernon and Lee residents along the Route 1 corridor,” said Krizek. “Seniors and residents without access to a vehicle will especially benefit from this new Sherwood Hall Library location.”

The first session will be Feb. 22 inside the library. After that the DMV will alternate each month between the mobile bus in the parking lot (DMV 2 Go) and setting up inside (DMV Connect). The hours of operation will be from 9 a.m.-4 p.m. on the third Wednesday of each month. 

A lot of it is just people just don’t know [about the mobile DMV service],” said Thomas Bowman, an aide to Krizek. “It’s one of those little things we can do that will matter to a lot of people.”

Sherwood Branch Manager Linda Schlekau said she was sold on the DMV coming to the library as soon as she heard the idea. She noted that the library would be a particularly good fit for local seniors because it already hosts the Mount Vernon at Home program’s office, as well as an AARP tax service. 

Sherwood also hosts the McCutcheon Farmers Market each Wednesday from May through December, and the mobile DMV will have no impact on it, Schlekau said. In fact, Schlekau added, it will give local residents a one-stop shop for getting their errands done.

“People can buy their groceries, get their library books and get their drivers license all at the same time,” Schlekau said.

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Note: This story has been updated to correct the name of Sherwood Regional Library.


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