New lane configuration among changes coming to Lockheed Boulevard and Richmond Highway intersection


The intersection of Richmond Highway and Lockheed Boulevard is seen a couple weeks ago as median work was in progress.

Anyone traveling on Richmond Highway over the past month has seen construction work at the Lockheed Boulevard intersection, particularly in the median and southbound curb area. The project is part of an ongoing overhaul of the intersection aimed at improving safety and traffic flow, and work is expected to last until early October.

According to Matthew Kaiser, spokesman for the Fairfax County Department of Public Works and Environmental Services, these are the upgrades and changes folks can expect to see when it’s all done:

  • A new traffic pattern for eastbound Lockheed Boulevard past the Fordson Road intersection. This will probably be the biggest change for drivers. Lockheed’s dedicated left turn lane will remain, but the right lane will soon also allow users to go left in addition to going straight or right.
  • Improved median strips. The median strips on Richmond Highway on both the north and south sides of the intersection have already been removed and replaced. The south median has a ramp on it that a new, slightly rerouted crosswalk will pass through.
  • Crosswalk signal upgrade. Push buttons will be added to the existing crosswalk signals.
  • Improved curb ramps and sidewalks. New curb ramps are also set to be installed at three corners of the intersection, with new sidewalk sections also being installed next to the ramps.
  • Bigger and better bus stops. Bus riders can expect new, larger bus pads with new bike racks on each side of Richmond Highway. The one on the southbound side will feature a new REX Shelter.
  • New pavement and street markings. The intersection will be repaved, and there will be new markings for the crosswalks, stop bars and turn lanes. Additionally, there will be some new signage at the intersection.

To see a detailed illustration of the work being done, click here.