VDOT publishes 2017 Northern Virginia paving map

Click image to see the full VDOT paving map.

Mount Vernon, Groveton and Virginia Hills are among the area neighborhoods that will get their roads repaved this summer, according to the Virginia Department of Transportation’s 2017 paving map for Northern Virginia. 

The map, which is viewable on the VDOT website, was published last week. 

VDOT has not released a schedule for the paving work, and notifications won’t be sent out until shortly before work begins, according to VDOT. 

“Exact work dates are available about ten days prior to work beginning, as contractors set schedules based on personnel and equipment availability,” VDOT states on their site. “Giving contractors this flexibility allows Virginia to secure paving work at a competitive price.”

Among the major Richmond Highway-area roads scheduled to be repaved:

  • Mount Vernon Memorial Highway
  • North Kings Highway
  • South Kings Highway
  • Telegraph Road (between Lee District Park and South King Highway)
  • Rose Hill Drive

Paving will typically take place during non-rush hour times, according to VDOT. Paving in residential areas will be from around 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

You can also see which neighborhoods were repaved in 2016 on the VDOT website

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